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Kingdom Booklet

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📏 14x21cm
📔 Hardcover
📄 Unlined pages (ivory color)
📖 80 sheets (160 pages)

about the artist

Visual artist born in Belém/PA, based in Manaus/AM. He is considered one of the precursors of graffiti in the North of the country. The themes of his works are daily urban Amazonian life, fauna, flora and universal feelings inspired by Marajoara iconography and abstract geometry, with a three-dimensional and futuristic aesthetic.

Artist Arab Amazon | Photo: Manart Produções/Rodrigo Valle | Production: MANART (2021) | Location: Center of Manaus/AM.

Watch the video produced by the gallery about the artist Arab Amazon:

About the work

The print is inspired by the work "The Sunset Kingdom" (2021) by artist Arab Amazon. The work is located on top of a building on one of the main trade and circulation routes in the city of Manaus.

Work: The Sunset Kingdom / Year: 2021 | Artist: Arab Amazon.

It has a great diversity of colors and Amazonian symbols, such as the jaguar that represents power and courage, and guaraná, a typical fruit from the municipality of Maués (Amazonas) widely used for the manufacture of soft drinks, energy drinks, etc., and is synonymous with energy and vitality.

Contribute to local art

When you purchase a MANART product, you contribute to local art. The artist has a stake in every product sold that prints his art.

Photo: MANART Production (2021).

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