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Manaus City Button - Animals

About the print

The print produced by the gallery is inspired by the work 'MANAUS-CITY', by visual artist Turenko Beça.

Work "MANAUS-CITY" - Exhibition AMAZON JAM CARDS (2022) | Artist: Turenko Beça.

It brings icons of our culture, fauna and flora - the Sumaúma, the dolphins, the sauim, the jaguar, the Parintins oxen, the Amazonas Theater, the line engine (barge) and the toucan hovering over the forest. As a central detail of the work, the artist engraved the image of the indigenous, the original and ancestral people of the Amazon.

about the artist

Turenko Beça is a visual artist, curator and educator in the city of Manaus. His works range from small rubber stamps to giant metal sculptures.

Artist Turenko Beça | Photo: MANART Production / Rodrigo Valle (2022) | Location: Cultural Center of the Peoples of the Amazon, Manaus/AM.


Contribute to local art

When you wear MANART, you contribute to local art. The artist has a stake in every product sold that prints his art.

Artist Turenko Beça | Photo: MANART Production / Rodrigo Valle (2022) | Location: Manart Gallery, Manaus/AM.

about the button

The size of the button is 3.5cm (diameter). Traditional and most used size. It can be attached to bags, clothes, badges, among others. A super affordable option to give away!

For your piece to last even longer, check out the conservation care:

  1. Do not wet;
  2. Do not disassemble;
  3. The piece has a pin, be careful!

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Olha, eu gostaria muito que vc fizesse bottons com uma arte bonita como vc já faz, mas com dizeres sobre a Amazônia pertencer ao Brasil. Temo que não demorem a voltar os olhos para nossas riquezas naturais,visto que alguns interesses em outros lugares, começam a ruir. Dizeres como: "Preserve a Amazônia, ela é nossa " e ainda: "A Amazônia é do Brasil" ;"Todo Brasileiro precisa ter seu coração na Amazônia, preserve".Preservar a Amazônia é amar sua Pátria"; Amazônia: Preserve, cuide, proteja, ame". Queria bottons assim e não existem. É a minha sugestão. Se vc fizer, irei comprar e indicar para outras pessoas.