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The Great Mother Snake Notebook

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📏 14x21cm
📔 Hardcover
📄 Unlined pages (ivory color)
📖 80 sheets (160 pages)

About the artist

Priscila Pinto is an artist from Manaus, poet, art educator and researcher of female representations. The artist's creative process arises from her particular relationship with nature and the city, in search of ancestral reconnections.

Artist Priscila Pinto | Photo: Rodrigo Valle | Production: MANART (2021) | Location: Igarapé Água Branca, Manaus/AM.

Watch the video produced by the gallery about the artist Priscila Pinto:

About the work

The printed work records humanity's search for its place in the world, highlighting its great capacity to originate new cycles.

The Great Mother Snake (2016) | Exhibition at the Kandinsky Gallery, Vienna, May 2016 | Artist: Priscila Pinto | Photos from the gallery in Vienna: Virna Lisi

It is through journeys between past and future, forest and city, that the artist traces the path of the brush to rescue the memory of an ancestral being, present in different cultures, the Great Mother Snake.

Detail of the Cobra's head (2016) | Artist: Priscila Pinto | Photo: MANART 2021 Production.

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Photo: MANART Production (2021).

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