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Fabulous Amazon T-Shirt

About the artist

Hadna Abreu is a contemporary visual artist in the city of Manaus. His works are characterized by their richness of detail and sensitivity, whether in paintings or sculptures. Its exhibitions present a playful and interactive language, mixing images, words and sounds. She is currently curator and partner at Manart Galeria.

Artist: Hadna Abreu | Photo: MANART Production (2019)

About the work

The print produced by the gallery is inspired by the work 'Fabulosa Amazônia', by visual artist Hadna Abreu, in which she participated in several exhibitions in 2016 in the city of Manaus/AM.

The printed work represents a liberating cycle for the artist after trips to the interior of Amazonas. In the watercolor painting there are small fragments of his journey, which symbolize love, struggles and transformations of the mind. There is a phrase that accompanies the painting "So if this is what living is, let it all become poetry".

Work: Fabulosa Amazônia (2016) | Model: Ananda Chamma | Photo: MANART Production (2020)

" Charms of natural richness and the survival of human feelings, each detail defines a fragment between us" - Hadna Abreu

Contribute local art

When you wear MANART, you contribute to local art. The artist has a stake in each product sold that displays his art.

Manart Bag: MANART Production (2021).

about the mesh

The synthetic fabric is composed of polyester and elastane. Highly durable, soft and versatile mesh.

The fabric has a great fit and provides even more comfort for the pieces. Furthermore, the mesh is well known for its practicality during washing, as the fabric dries quickly.

When hand washing is not possible, the ideal is to place the shirt in the machine on the wrong side, inside a bag to preserve the quality of the print.

Photo: Manart Produções | Manufactured in Manaus/AM.

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We have two models of shirts: Baby Look (waisted cut) and TRADITIONAL (straight cut). Our manufacturing is all done in Manaus/AM.

Our MANART measures | Manufactured in Manaus/AM.

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