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Asymmetric Jenipapo T-shirt

About the print

The t-shirt print is inspired by the work “Ritual de Pintura: Jenipapo” by visual artist Francimar Barbosa.

Work: Jenipapo Painting Ritual (2011) | Artist: Francimar Barbosa

The “Jenipapo” print is inspired by an Amazonian fruit with a unique flavor and rich in energetic nutrients. This fruit is of great importance to the peoples of the Amazon, as a blue-black pigment is extracted from it, used in body painting.

The work brings the representation of genipap in the form of a mandala, like a fan, which opens from one arm to the other of the warrior, representing strength and protection.

about the artist

Francimar Barbosa is a visual artist from Manaus, with more than 70 exhibitions, both collective and individual. His painting is mainly characterized by mandalas that reveal the mysteries and charms of the Amazon region.

Artist Francimar Barbosa | Photo: Rodrigo Valle | Production: MANART (2021) | Location: Journalist Phelippe Daou Bridge, better known as Rio Negro Bridge - Manaus/AM.


Contribute to local art

When you wear MANART, you contribute to local art. The artist has a stake in every product sold that prints his art.

Manart bag: MANART production (2022).

about the mesh

The synthetic fabric is composed of polyester and elastane. Mesh of high durability, softness and versatility.

The fabric has a great fit and provides even more comfort for the pieces. In addition, the mesh is well known for its practicality during washing, as the fabric dries quickly.

When hand washing is not possible, the ideal is to put the shirt in the machine inside out, inside a bag to preserve the quality of the print.

Photo: Manart Production (2023) | Manufactured in Manaus/AM.

Check our measurements

We have two models of shirts: Baby Look (waisted cut) and TRADITIONAL (straight cut). Our manufacturing is all done in Manaus/AM.

Our MANART measures | Manufactured in Manaus/AM.

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