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Arteteatro Mask

About the artist

Visual artist from Manaus, and advertiser by academic background. His works tend to dialogue with painting, dance, cinema, poetry, music and the passionate universe of manual and digital cutouts and collages (his most constant real delirium).
and everything else that your freedom and creativity achieve.

Artist Rakel Caminha | Photo: Manart Produções/Rodrigo Valle | Production: MANART (2021) | Location: MUSA (Manaus/AM).

Watch the video produced by the gallery about the artist Rakel Caminha:

About the work

The print is inspired by the work "Alterego da Amazônia- Arteteatro" by artist Rakel Caminha.

Work: Alterego da Amazônia - Arteteatro / Year: 2021 | Artist: Rakel Caminha.

The work noz brings a new look at the city of Manaus, from its greatest historical and cultural heritage, the Teatro Amazonas.

Through a warm pop-semiotic aesthetic, the artist invites us to dive into her world: poetic, sensitive, surreal and existentialist.

About Masks

Prints come to life in protective masks!

In addition to the T-shirts, you can now purchase masks with prints inspired by works by local artists. That way you protect yourself, look stylish and still help our artists.

When you wear MANART, you contribute to local art. The artist has a stake in every product sold that prints his art.

Arteteatro Mask | Photo: MANART Production (2021)

Unique size!

The masks are one-size-fits-all with a double layer of fabric: tactel, on the printed outside, and cotton, on the inside (lining).

Our manufacturing is all done in Manaus/AM.

Arteteatro mask - left side | Made in Manaus/AM.

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