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Resistance Regatta

About the artist

Marieta is the artistic name of Nádja Kristhina, known in the cultural scene of Manaus, for her works, which represent women in the regional underground world (with their strong gaze, tattoos and colorful hair) in their multiverses, which are full of color but also of shadows.

Artist Marieta | Photo: Rodrigo Valle | Production: MANART (2021) | Location: Center of Manaus/AM.

Visual artist Manauara and one of the great references of the new generation of artists, with techniques that range from brushes to spray paint. Her work is a fusion of feelings and feminine resistance. His ability with colors expresses the best of himself through the city's walls and viaducts. She paints life.


About the work

The t-shirt print is inspired by the work “Resistência e Existence” by visual artist Marieta.

Work: Resistance and Existence / Technique: Acrylic on canvas / Year: 2020 | Artist: Marieta.

The printed work expresses the artist's sensitivity to the cause of endangered animals and the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. A painting that simply conveys the innocence of two jaguars and the warrior look of an indigenous woman, guardian of the forest.

Contribute to local art

Regatta with tag: MANART Production (2022).

About the mesh

The synthetic fabric is composed of polyester and elastane. Mesh of high durability, softness and versatility.

Photo: MANART Production (2022) | Made in Manaus/AM.

The fabric has a great fit and provides even more comfort for the pieces. Furthermore, the mesh is well known for its practicality during washing, as the fabric dries quickly.

When hand washing is not possible, the ideal is to place the shirt in the machine on the wrong side, inside a bag to preserve the quality of the print.

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The regattas have a single model (unisex) and variation in three sizes: S, M and L. Our manufacturing is all done in Manaus/AM.

Our MANART measurements | Made in Manaus/AM.

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