In the moment we live, the internet has become the greatest everyday tool for humanity. And for many of us, it was the best way we've found to survive these unsettled times. Virtual connections mix with the physical plane of family relationships, friendship, work, knowledge and entertainment. It is often the portals that direct the first contact with things of interest to us - people, companies, projects and opportunities that, from connected devices, we immerse ourselves in the most diverse ways of seeing and living in this still pandemic world.

Today, art does not consider territorial distances as a major problem, on the contrary, the exchange of experiences has become even more accessible and decentralized through digital platforms such as E-mail, Websites, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Meet , Zoom and the recent world of NFTs, Crypto Art and Metaverse .

The opportunities for communication narrowed and the manifestations of artistic making accompany this process undergoing mutations daily, where the artist builds his personality in front of the digital. Thus, digital artistic techniques also appear, where the artist is no longer concerned with the depletion of his materials, as we see in the brushes (digital brushes) of Photoshop and Procreate . And, even those who practice manual techniques, do not fail to interact with various virtual systems that broaden horizons, presenting works, thoughts and creative processes without necessarily needing a physical location, a face-to-face audience or publications in catalogs and printed magazines.

(Image: Digital collage by visual artist Rakel Caminha - Ritual de Dança Diurno, 2021)

Another relevant observation is to think about the immediate return that this artist has when exposing himself on these networks, the practically instantaneous feedback from his Internet audience. In this way, the artist has democratic ways, previously unimaginable, of connecting with the public, artists, curators, galleries and collectors around the world. Likewise, these technological processes extend to virtual cultural spaces, agents that form contact networks, the art market, events and educational proposals. These platforms create true ecosystems linking information to people, environments created to provide virtual or hybrid experiences, between physical and virtual.

Thinking about these exhibition formats, Manart Galeria de Arte , which was born from digital in the midst of the pandemic, selected 5 virtual spaces for you to explore, follow and stay up to date on the artistic movement in the Northern Region of Brazil.

Check out Manart's list of the 5 Virtual Spaces that strengthen the Artistic Scene in the Amazon:

1- A Concert for the Amazon: 

Site that brings in-depth and current research on the territory of the Amazon and, in a sensitive way, presents artists who are strongly involved with this necessary and urgent cause, the defense of the forest. Artists such as Denilson Baniwa, Raiz, Rui Machado, Kambô, Rakel Caminha and Chermie Ferreira are some of the names highlighted on the Amazonian identity in the form of art. There is certainly an enormous and inexhaustible source of knowledge within this virtual ecosystem that is being formed by many agents - more than 400 leaders engaged in the democratization of knowledge, conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon.



Platform whose objective is to work on critical and poetic thinking in nature, bringing together artists, scientists and researchers. The site is part of a program that provides immersions, experiences and artistic connections within the Amazon Rainforest. More than 100 artists from all over the world have participated in this great experience. It is worth knowing the artistic projects developed through this multicultural initiative in the Amazon.

Site: LABVERDE - Art Immersion Program In The Amazon

3 - House of Ideas:

Casarão de Ideias is an iconic cultural refuge located right in the historic center of the city of Manaus, and its digital platform brings to the internet public the extension of its physical space, where it is possible to follow cultural events, visit art exhibitions in 360 degrees, presentations theatre, dance and cinema with selected films. A virtual space that moves the city to the world and the world to the city.

Website: Casarão de Ideias (

4 - URBAN HACKER Virtual Gallery:

Virtual Gallery whose objective is to present artists who think of the city as a work and support based on imagery records about the city of Manaus. The gallery presents the creative and critical vision of 11 artists from Manaus who live and interact in its peripheral areas. A virtual space that makes us perceive urbanization being built and deconstructed through the eyes of those who pass by, live and think through their contexts.


5 - GAU Ufam Art Gallery:

Virtual Gallery, extension of the physical space of the Federal University of Amazonas, the UFAM. Created with the intention of bringing the public closer to the artistic processes experienced in the Amazon, the gallery proposes democratic dialogues through virtual exhibitions.

Knowing this space makes us notice the evolutionary artistic universe that is reborn in Amazonian soil.

Website: UFAM Art Gallery (


Also check out the artists' space at MANART GALERIA. Click here

(Text: Hadna Abreu)
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